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Recent Work: RiSE Festival Video Recap

It has been a minute since I wrote my last blog, but I must say things have been action-packed all summer long. As things start to slow down this fall I finally have time to catch up and get a few long overdue mini blogs back up and running.

This last weekend I joined my buddy Nick Cahill and his team to help create the recap video and a few photos for RiSE Festival. RiSE Festival ( is a lantern and art festival located just south of Las Vegas, NV.

I was honored to get to work alongside Nick and a bunch of incredibly talented artists to help create this recap. The entire festival weekend was a blast not only on the creative side but to stand around and admiring the festival as a whole. It was one of the most diverse festivals that I have ever been to packed full of smiles, tears, laughs, and joy.



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